Help me become my MIL's favorite DIL!

Of course, I am her only DIL, so I have an inside track. LOL

She knits and crochets and I’d love some suggestions for Christmas gifts.

I was thinking about needle holders, and hook holders?

Are there any spiffy gadgets she’d like?

A knitting organizer bag of some sort?

Help me become: SUPER DAUGHTER IN LAW!!!

and thanks!

I’m also an only DIL & luckily, I have a great relationship with my MIL. The gadgets would be nice, if you know what she needs & what her tastes are. I knit a shawl for my MIL earlier this year, but I don’t know if you want to invest in that. One idea: maybe you could knit her a gift pouch (like on the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts) & put something special inside.

What a sweet DIL you are! If it were me I’d like more organization in my knitting. So maybe something to help her organize her stash, or needles?

My MIL just started knitting socks so for Mother’s day, I got some dyeable superwash sock yarn, and DD and I hand-dyed it for her in some of her favorite colors. You can never have too much sock yarn, you know :smiley:

Maybe a nice knitting bag or a set of interchangeable needles? A lot of people would like to have those but usually won’t treat themselves. A really nice luxury yarn might be nice too…like cashmere or qiviut?

Check out the latest (Fall 2006) issue of Vogue Knitting at your local craft store/B&N. There are some seriously cool new gadgets that she probably doesn’t already have since these are newnewnew : knitting needles that light up for knitting-in-the-dark, and a metal “sheath” holder thingy for double pointed needles WITH A PROJECT ON THEM!!! The Yarn Harlot blogged about receiving one of these at a signing awhile back. They aren’t just cases for DPNs, they will actually hold the needles with your sock (hat/mitten/whatever) dangling off of them. Invaluable for knitters who throw their project into their handbag and just go.

Alternatively, some unique beaded stitch markers (check out the buy/sell/swap forum; i believe someone here makes them…) would probably be well received. Oooh, also, you could look up a tutorial and make your own beaded stitch markers.

And of course, if you don’t already knit and crochet, asking her to teach you gets many brownie points. Most crafters love to share their craft.

And of course, if you DO already knit and crochet, making her something small but meaningful (tea cozy? iPod cozy? sweater for her dog? beaded lacy wrist cuffs?) will be well-received because she’ll know from experience how much effort you made.

Hope this helps!


These are wonderful ideas.

I am just learning to knit and loving it.

I adore the idea of light up needles, I’ll check those out, also the bag that you can stash your work in.

I vote for a cool knitting bag…a nice Namaste bag, perhaps…then, you could put cool gadgets in it…girl, you would score [size=7]BIG [/size]with that :smiley:

One idea: maybe you could knit her a gift pouch (like on the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts) & put something special inside.

Like a gift cert to a really nice yarn shop or even Joan’s or Michaels if she’s more to that ilk. Also it would be nice if she had someone to go with her shopping for the goodies and perhaps a stop off at a cutesy restaurant when the “girls” go for lunch or afternoon tea. It could be a day. It would hit a homer with me!’

A gift of yourself is always more special that one that comes with a price tag. (but I wouldn’t blow off a stash addition!) If you have a good relationship, sharing something you both love (besides her son) will make it even bettr.