Help me achieve aspects of this beanie please

Could anybody tell me how to achieve the ribbing on this beanie? And also how to produce the step? It would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hello, and welcome to KnittingHelp.

The ribbing looks like it is Rickrack stitch and below is the Knitting Fool page for this stitch and others that are very similar.

Thank you sooooo much Julie!! That site is awesome! I looked for one like that and found some similar but not nearly as useful. Rickrack does seem to be exactly what I was looking for, thankfully!! I was about to quit knitting. Lol. Time to pick the needles back up now though. Again, thank you! :o)

I haven’t seen that stitch before! I’ll have to try it!

I will whenever possible Jan. Unfortunately, I haven’t a clue where this even came from. It was a picture text to me from my sister. My question is answered now though. Should I just take it down?

no no… that’s in jan’s signature, as a reminder. don’t fret! if you have questions about patterns in the future, try to include the pattern name, link/etc if possible. but it’s not always possible. :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile: I think it’s okay to leave it up. It’s just a picture. :hug:

OK, i am intrigued. What is the stitch above the ribbing? I want to make this hat.

It looks like a combination of knits and pulls with butterfly stitch.

I like the combination of sts, too.

I came across the Threaded Ribbon Stitch today. Looks similar, combined with butterflies maybe? Or staggered Belt Welts?