Help - Mason Dixon baby kimono

Help! I’m at the bind off 20 middle stitches, working on the 34 stitches for the left side. If I increase 1 stitch on the right side front and work 4 inches for the sleeve I do not come up with the necessary 58 stitches before I can start decreasing on the sleeve side to get to 40 stitches. I could only decrease 5 times to get to 40. I’ve unraveled to start again at this spot Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I did just have knee surgery so maybe I’m not thinking right - hehehe

Did you cast on the same number as the pattern? Did you have 88 stitches as the pattern states before you went to the bind off part? I’ve made two of them and I didn’t do anything, but follow the pattern. :think:

Also…maybe I’m blind, but I don’t see where it says 58 at any point. :think: