Help making up pattern

I am knitting a simple shawl that I want to create into a wartime shawl; the kind that wraps around and ties in the back. My question is once I get the amount of body needed to wrap around, should I continue knitting in this pattern and how do I make long ties but not more body to it?

How are you planning on knitting the shawl? From a tab at the center back, increases at the edges and center, from one end to the other, etc?

I am increasing on each end. I started with 1 stitch.

You could increase at each end every row or every other row for most of the body of the shawl then increase every 4 rows. Keep lengthening the number of rows between increases until you get the shape you want. It’ll take some playing around but it’ss do-able.

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That’s what I’ll do. Thanks!

@PJGirl, in thinking about this again, if you’re knitting from the point of the scarf up towards the widest part (sort of bottom up), then you want to have more increases per row. You could do that by casting on a few sts in several rows to give you thinner extensions of the body of the shawl. That’s just the opposite of what I said above, I know but it makes more sense to me this way.
It might also help to look at a pattern for any similar shawl and see how it is worked.

ETA: Here’s one that works without changing the rate of increase, knit from top down (back of neck to point).

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This is exactly what I want to make. That does make more sense, I agree. I am knitting from the point up. I will increase a few extra stitches for the ties. The pattern will help as well. Thank you again @salmonmac!