Help making a felted bag I am stuck

the pattern calls for cast on 30 stitches on a circular needle. Knit to the end and turn for eitht rows.
then knit the 30 stitches, Pick up and knit 5 stiches along the short end base. Place a stitch marker, then pick up and knit 30 stitches along the long side of base. Place a marker, Pick up and knit 5 stitches aalogn the other short. Ok question do I use the needles on the circular needle? or do I use an extra needle. The process is confusing to me. I am a beginner, I have been using the circular needle Now I want to make a bag, Can anyone help?

Thanks Toni

You’ll use the needles on the circular needles, not an extra one. It sounds like you’ll be knitting in the round? What pattern are you using?

Its from a book Knit one Felt two by Kathleen taylor. It just a ladies bag small in size. Yes it is on circular needles. I am not sure how to start the pick up. the base row, does it get folded, the pattern doesn’t say so. confused

You don’t fold the base, but what will help in picking up those stitches is to push the 30 stitches away from the right needle tip and sort of fold the cord, then pick up the stitches. That’s just so you can go around the corner easier to pick up the side stitches. After you get a few on, pull on the other end of the needle so all the stitches are together and take out any slack in the yarn.


I just tried doing something similar eysterday and Amy’s video on picking up stitches (in the basic techniques section) made all the difference. A literal “a HA!” moment! you have made a rectangle with working back and forth. this will be the bottom of the bag. Now you are going to go around the edges (perimeter) and create stitches from the edges of the rectangle. These created stitches will be worked in a circle (joined) to work up.

ok so I have knitted the base these knitted sitches are on one side of the circular needles. Do I use the other circular needle to pick up the stitches, I am still confused.
HELP please

Thank you

Do you mean the other end of the needle, or another needle? No to both; use the needle tip that still has the stitches on it from the last row you knit.