Help making a bobble please

hi, I am having a problem understanding my pattern
I have a block of 25 stitches, pattern says k12 bobble k12

the key for making bobble says k1,yfwd, k1 all into next stitch, turn k3, turn p3, turn k3, turn sl1, k2tog, psso.

so I k12 then k1 yfwd if i then k the next st and work on this as now 3sts I only have eleven sts left to knit not the 12
I have lost a st now.

Thanks for any help.

The pattern wants you to work the (k1, yo, k1) all [I]into[/I] the same stitch. So k12, work the k1, yo, k1 into stitch 13 and that will leave you with 12sts to complete the row.
Here’s a video for the sts worked into a single stitch:

You won’t be continuing with the last 12sts however until you’ve worked the bobble. Work the k1, yo, k1 into one stitch then turn, k3 and turn again and so on with the directions for the bobble.

Thanks for that, I’m now back on track.