Help! lotus blossom

hi, I’m trying to knit the lotus blossom tank from interweave knits and after you knit 7 1/2" armholes in the back you’re supposed to knit short rows before knitting the shoulderstraps, which fasten diagonally in the front instead of having a seam at the top of the shoulder.
I want to have a lower neck in back so I thought I could start the straps at 4 1/2 and just make them longer - shirts that touch my neck are a problem - but I can’t knit short rows if I already split the back into straps there can I? what will happen if I don’t? (what are they there for? I don’t have bumps?)


They’re for shaping and making the back neck higher, but since you’re going to make the straps longer for a lower back, you can skip them.