Help/Looking for tips with edges

Hello all.
I can never seem to get nice edges on my knitting. Any tips or useful infomation?
Casting on and off edges are no problem, it’s the other edges I never get to look nice.

I’ve already tried just lifting the first stich over and it looks better, but still not very nice.

Did you check out the ‘Loose side stitches/Messy edges’ vid in the Basic Techniques (More) link above? Perhaps some help. Also, most knitting ref books have sections on selvage sts. Check your local library…if you don’t want to buy… as they should have a variety.


My favourite edging is three stitches wide, find it online in pictures of the ‘Backyard Leaves’ scarf. Available free online from Annie Modesitt’s blog/webpage on the edges of her ‘Alison’s scarf’.


Thank you Cam 90066 and Redwitch.

I looked at the video and she’s doing what I’m doing, so maybe it’s just practice, practice, practice…

The Backyard leaves scarf edge is very nice. The SCARF is very nice!! Hm, that may be my next project?

Anybody else has a tip or suggestion?