Help looking for sock pattern

mothers day coming up and i have a MIL for whom i would like to knit up some socks. i have lornas laces in a nice purple so its a solid yarn. im looking for a sock that wont be too hard for a newbie to tackle, yet it looks intricate or lacy or feminine. not just the p2 k2 which ive done with the help of silvers sock tutorial.

anyone knitted up a pair of socks that would fit this bill?

These socks from Knitty would be great I think. I just finshed the first one today. The pattern is really simple! :thumbsup:

I’m doing Jeane Townsend’s Cascading leaves right now, and finding them very simple, yet lacy looking.

sold! i was looking at the pattern and it confuses me but i havent actually tried to do it. im gonna try.

gracias, vw!

ps i miss my ghia!

totally beautiful. do i have to pay for the pattern?

totally beautiful. do i have to pay for the pattern?[/quote]

nevamind! if you join the KAL at yahoo you get it for free. its a very cool pattern.

sold! i was looking at the pattern and it confuses me but i havent actually tried to do it. im gonna try.

gracias, vw!

ps i miss my ghia![/quote]

Glad I could help! :slight_smile: The stitch pattern for the ripple is easy to memorize! :thumbsup:

That’s how I got it, and how Becka got it too! She’s done several, and I’m on my first pair after completely losing patience with the lace socks I was trying to do out of my Patons pattern booklet. The big advantage to the Cascading Leaves is that if you have the slightest problem with it, you can post to the KAL group and one or more of the dozens of people that have made it will be able to help you! :thumbsup:

oh no! htis is for a DK weight yarn. all the math will be different for fingering weight.

ill keep looking. gracias for the pattern though. i really like it

Is it really DK?? I did mine in knitpicks dancing (fingering I think :?? ). It turned out fine, I’ll post a pic in a sec…

yeah the cascade fixation is dk.

if your yarn is fingering, what size needle did you use? i can always run out and get other needles if i have to.

i also found this pattern << hedera

but i would rather knit something that people i know have knitted.

I guess I should have checked that before starting the pattern! :shifty:
I checked Knitpicks, and the dancing is fingering. I used size 3 needles, and the sock fits my foot fine, here it is:

I’ve never made the hedera socks before, but they are pretty! :thumbsup:

I love your Broadripple socks, Danielle…looking good :thumbsup:

I totally agree with Nicole, Cascading Leaves looks complex, but it’s really not & the pattern is pretty easy to memorize & a very fun knit :thumbsup:

that sock really is beautiful, danielle!

ok im going to wait for my approval to join the cascading leaves. if its meant for size 1 needles and fingering weight then ill just go for that. if not, then ill probably try the broadripple and gets some size 3’s.

i really appreciate everyones help. :smiley:

Most of Jeane’s patterns call for STR {socks that rock}, which up until recently was only available as a fingering weight. I have the cascading leaves pattern right in front of me and it calls for either size 1 or size 2 needles. I’m doing mine using… umm… I think it’s 2.5mm Bryspuns!

She has a gauge of 7 sts per inch for this particular pattern, if that helps.

yes it helps!
i love being here with all of you. kh rules.