Help locating yarn

who wants to help me find a needle in a haystack? anybody? :slight_smile:

i’m actually trying to help a knitster friend who ran short of a really awesome yarn and i promised i would try to find it. labels discarded (shame shame!)

i had seen the yarn at the LYS she got it from, and I was inclined to say it was part of the Plymouth Italian Collection, but I have searched Plymouth and Yarndex to no avail.

This is the closest Plymouth I could find:

I thought the label was like that, but come to think of it, it may have had more red and blue and maybe boxes… It is a wool blend, but primarily wool, enough so that it will felt. It is VERY textured, more than the yarn pictured above, with a bulky rovingish quality to much of it even with bobble-esque things, maybe what would be called slubs? When knitted, the finer weighted areas look almost webbish (not laceweight, but compared to the rest,) but they get enveloped by this… it kinda just looks fuzzy… the texture of the yarn is almost lost, it’s just woolly… This is a fairly small LYS and she doesn’t carry like full lines of anything, bits of lots of brands. I’ve already gone through the Yarndex for ones I knew she carried, Plymouth, Filatura, GGH, etc., and haven’t had luck, but she pops in obscure stuff here and there too. (She only carries 1 cascade and not 220, 2 debbie bliss, that kind of thing) The colorway is mostly black with varying shades of gray from charcoal to heather.

any help would be much appreciated, although i know i haven’t given you much to work with!!!

thanks bunches!

Check out this page:

There are pics of a lot of Plymouth yarns, and WEBS carries a lot of close-outs. There were a few that looked like they might be similar to what you were describing.

Ooh, here’s one that looked promising, but WEBS didn’t have a pic of the label.

That combolo does kinda look like it! It can’t be, though, as there’s no wool, but that is definitely a closer depiction than the Spazzini. I didn’t see it it any of the other Plymouths, but thank you. In thinking about it, the yarn would actually be kinda out of character for Plymouth really, but that’s what is stuck in my head because of the black label I think. Thanks!