Help- legwarmers (repost) thnx!

ok… i did post this in patterns, but thought it might be better here…

this is sort of the look i am going for

Help me out, please – I don’t know what “blouce” yarn is.
Could you please describe it a bit as to yarn content and appearance?
Or is it a brand name?

Anyway – your plan for legwarmers sounds fine, but I wouldn’t recommend Kitchen cotton for the carry-along yarn. It’s great for many purposes but it has no elasticity to speak of and has a tendency to stretch as it is worn.
The legwarmers would puddle around the ankles of an active 4-year-old almost as soon as she put them on. Also, it’s not very warm.

Lightweight wool yarn (fingering or sport weight) has the elasticity and warmth your adorable little girl needs.

I think she means boucle yarn. The kind with the bumpies on it. And I agree, don’t use kitchen cotton for something that has to stay up - it stretches out too easily. I don’t see why you need a carry yarn at all, you could double the boucle. A ribbed pattern won’t show up well with that yarn, but it would provide elasticity anyway.


thank you both :muah: i figured the ribbing wouldnt show up… it would be just for stay-up power :eyebrow: i think i will just double strand the yarn … i didn’t know about the kitchen cotton have no elasticity/memory. her poor little legwarmers would be puddled around her ankles :rofl: so sad
thanks ladies!


…looks as though she already knows what to do with yarn!