Help! Lace pattern with mind of its own

Hello fellow knitters!

I’m knitting the Elegance Wrap (Rowan Lace) and am having trouble with - wait for it - ROW TWO.

Everything goes smoothly until I get to the end of row 3, where I find an extra stitch at the end. The previous row goes according to plan and I end up on the correct number of end stitches, but the error must be somewhere in this row.

Here are the two rows in question:

Row 2: Yrn, P2tog, P6, P2tog, yrn, P6, P1 tbl;
Row 3: Yfwd, K2tog tbl, *K4, (yfwd, K2tog tbl) twice *, K7.

On row 2, after the repeats I end up with 1 remaining stitch, which I can purl tbl as planned.

On row 3, however, after the repeats I end up with 8 remaining stitches, rather than 7. This also extra stitch then occurs for ALL subsequent rows (I’ve abandoned the piece after about 12 rows when it becomes very obvious the pattern is becoming misaligned and not going according to plan).

Can anyone possibly spot where I might be going wrong? I’ve knitted lace quite a few times before with no trouble, although I’ve not used yrn and yfwd at the start of a row before, and I don’t know whether this is where the problem stems from. There is a yfwd at the start of row 1 (not shown) which seems to be going to plan, as my row 2 has had the right number of stitches and the pattern looks very correct. Perhaps after the yrn?

I’ve gone through each stitch meticulously after no less than four attempts to start and restart this piece - all 105 stitches, I kid you not - and the error has not been in the middle section - only at the end stitches.

Many thanks in advance for any tips or insights!

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Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
I think this is the pattern:

The pattern for rows 2 and 3 adds up correctly and you shouldn’t have an extra stitch after row 3 if all the rows are 105. I suspect that you’re right and its something about the yarn over (or yrn or yf) that might be causing the problem. Put stitch markers on row 2 to mark off the repeats (8sts). Make sure there aren’t extra loops over the needle in any repeat. It’s not a consistent mistake, just something that happens once.

Row 2: Yrn, P2tog, P6, P2tog, yrn, P6, P1 tbl;
Row 3: Yfwd, K2tog tbl, *K4, (yfwd, K2tog tbl) twice *, K7.

Hi, welcome. I’m having trouble finding your pattern. Is it online and can you provide a link? You should be able to in your next post.

ETA I see salmonmac found the pattern. It’s lovely.