Help lace leaf blanket problems

I’m knitting a lace leaf baby blanket (first time) and I don’t understand why my rows are getting longer and longer :grin::grin:
Pat as follows:
Seed stitch edge x8 rows and on the first and last 6 sts of every row

Purl ws rows

Row 2
K2tog k4 yo k1 yo k1 ssk k1 repeat along row

Row 4
K2tog k3 yo k1 yo k2 ssk k1

Row 6
K2tog k2 yo k1 yo k3 ssk k1

Row 8
K2tog k1 yo k1 yo k4 ssk k1

Row 10
K2tog yo k1 yo k5 ssk k1

Row 12 repeat row 8
Row 14 repeat row 6
Row 16 repeat row 4
Row 18 repeat row 2
Row 20 k2tog k5 yo k1 yo ssk

The problem I’m having is the rows are getting longer and longer and I don’t know why is the pattern wrong or is it me
Please help xx

I was doing ssk as slip slip then knit the next stitch not as a decrease as per instructions plank am I lol X

That’s exactly the problem. The ssk is a decrease, slip, slip, knit the 2 slipped sts together.

It’s all good now :grinning: