Help knitting the Transverse Herringbone Stitch

Every time I knit this pattern, it only looks neat/good when the pattern goes toward the right (when I knit the 3-2-1-4 repeat 2 times portion of the pattern). When I knit the first half of the pattern (Rows 1-2-3-4 repeat 2times) it looks squished/messy, the pattern is not as neat and tidy and the herringbone pattern is not as visible. Any suggestions on how to fix this as I really love the pattern and am excited to use it!

Welcome to KH!
This is really such a lovely stitch pattern.
I’m not sure how you’re doing the pattern though. Is it similar to this?

I know, I love it! But the first 12 rows of the pattern do not turn out as well as the last 12 rows…I follow the pattern exactly as stated, but it almost doesn’t even look like the same pattern because of how untidy/disheveled it ends up being…but I can’t figure out why…was hoping someone had some tips/tricks.

I tried it and it may be that you’re tightening up as you get used to the pattern and that’s causing the problem. I actually relaxed a bit as I got into to the pattern so that the second part looks better than the first.
Maybe if you keep going for another repeat or two of the entire pattern, things will even out?