HELP! Knitting sock inside out

Hello, and thank you all for coming to my aid. I am currently working on a sock pattern from ‘The Joy Of Sox’ By Linda Kopp. The patter from the book is ‘Sweet Nothings’. I have understood the pattern thus far and have never been so stumped in my life. The next part of the pattern is…

‘Turn work inside out. To minimize the hole caused by working back on the same row, purl together the first st on the needle #1 and the purl bump on needle #3. Work in a P1, K1 Rib for 2 inches.’

I can’t visualize how to purl these two stiched togeter. I saw a video showing how to work insde out on DPN. In this method you continue working in a circle by keeping your work on the farside. Conflicting with the pattern, I wouldnt be working in the same row.

I’ve looked on YouTube for a video explaining this technique and failed. Any help or visual aid would be appreciated.


You’d need turn the sock inside out and slip the last stitch on needle 3 onto needle 1. Then p2tog. It’s a little awkward because the yarn is coming from the second stitch on the left needle, but that’s what the pattern is calling for.

I’m not arguing or saying you’re wrong but it seems to say to pick up the purl bump from the second stitch to knit with the first stitch.

[B] purl together the first st on the needle #1 and the purl bump on needle #3[/B]

It’s new to me. I may well be misreading or simply not understanding.

You’re absolutely right, GG. It’s not the last stitch from needle 3, but the purl bump below that last stitch. Thanks for that.