Help! Knitting sock heels

I’m knitting the Anelmaiset sock pattern found on

I’m using 4 DPNs and have 56 stitches (14/needle). I just got to the heel part.

The pattern says:
“Knit the stitches from the 1st needle to 4th (altogether you have 28 sts) leave the rest 28 sts to wait.
Turn the work, slip the first stitch purl wise, purl to the end.”

I’ve searched all over youtube and the internet but cannot figure out what I’m supposed to do (I’m newer to knitting).
If someone could help me, that would be fantastic!

Welcome, Jennibeanzz!
For now, you’re going to knit only the heel flap. The instep sts will just hang out on their needles (2 & 3) until later. Finish the round on needle 4 and continue knitting with needle 4 and needle 1 until there are 28sts on needle 4. That should be all 14sts from needle 1 plus the 14sts from needle 4.
Now turn as though you were at the end of a row, slip one stitch and purl to the end of the row. You’ll then continue knitting the heel back and forth.

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Thank you so so much!