HELP! Knitting sleeves in baby sweater!

I am a newbie at knitting and am in the middle of a baby sweater for an expectant friend. It is a very simple pattern, stocking stitch with a few colour changes. I have completed the front and the back…and it looks GREAT! Except now, I have NO IDEA what to do next.

I am supposed to sew the shoulder seams. That seems obvious enough. Then I work the neckband. No problem. Now the sleeves.

I’m supposed to measure down 5 inches from the shoulder seam on the front and back and place markers. Then, with the right side facing, I’m supposed to pick up and knit 35 stitches.

HUH?? Does anybody know of, or have any illustrations of exactly how I’m supposed to do this??? It sounds like I’m going to somehow use the edges of the sweater to knit the sleeves right into it, rather than knitting two sleeves separately and sewing them on…but the instructions are just too vague…

Yup, I think that is exactly what you’re supposed to do. :slight_smile: Click here and scroll down to “picking up stitches” for a video on how to do it.

Picking up stitches and knitting the sleeve on is easier than having to sew it in IMHO. Picking up stitches is not hard either. The video should be the trick.

Measure down 5" from the shoulder seam on the front, and 5" down the back. Put safety pins there, then pick up the sts from pin to pin. You’ll be picking up what were the the end sts of the rows for the front and back, pick up about 3 sts for every 4 rows. (pu st, st, st, skip a stich, pu st, st, st, skip a st). One of the easiest ways to add sleeves.

Thank you to all of you who posted the answer…and so quickly! I can’t wait to get back to work :woohoo: