Help! Knitting in the round!

I have been trying to knit a gaptastic cowl for almost 4 months now, i had so many problems at first that i gave up! I bought some new fantastic yarn ( not from wal mart) and flew through quite a bit of it last night. I picked it up this afternoon and have managed a huge boo-boo i need help! I was thinking of just ripping out a row and starting from there but i have no idea how to do that 1) in the round and 2) with a K1 P1 pattern.

Hmm… Not sure what you did. In the video section under tips there is a section called fixing mistakes. I think I’d go back stitch by stitch to the mistake.

I have been trying to go back one by one but it just isn’t working, my pattern is getting more confusing, i think i may be doing it back wards, it doesn’t look right. Is there a way to just pull out a few rows and start there?

I think you might just have caught some yarn on a needle and did a YO of sorts. Just ignore the extra yarn and keep going on. The extra slack in it will work into the adjoining stitches after a couple rows and you won’t be able to see it.

There is a tutorial on inserting a lifeline into a destination row so you you can rip w/o worrying. Or you can just rip and try to reinsert the needles.

I was going to suggest just leaving it, but I wasn’t sure if that would bother you.

I wonder if you put it down and when you picked it up you went the wrong way. With a k, p pattern, it could happen pretty easily. Did the sts seem funny as you worked into them (I’m trying to think, would the orientation be reversed when you turned but I think not.) I didn’t actually do it because I ended up frogging but on one project I decided to go back later and cut the yarn where I had waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much excess and work the ends in. I don’t think you’ll need to do that.

ETA: Tinking is easier with a smaller needle. I use the smallest I can easily lay my hand on, even as small as a U.S. size 2 when I’m working with any size, even a U.S. 10 or larger.

I think if you start working the other way when you’re knitting in the round you’d have to be working on the WS or inside which normally isn’t worked on so the stitches would have been incorrectly oriented.

It does look like an inadvertant yarn over when you switched from knit to purl (or purl to knit). If the extra yarn is only what is shown in your photo, I agree with Sue, just ignore it and go on. When you’ve knit a few more rows you can pull this area sideways and lengthwise to work in the extra yarn.
If you’re in the middle of tinking and you want to continue doing that, here’s a video that may make it easier.

For purl sts, you do the same thing but pull the working yarn up from the front rather than the back.