Help! Knitting has become painful

I have been experiencing pain in my thumb going straight up my forearm into my elbow. Its really becoming a nuisance, I’m only 17 and I play guitar all the time and never had so much trouble with my fingers. Does anyone have any tips to help me or will I have to just live with it? My mom says it could be because once I start a project I just can’t stop but thats how I am with everything I do. [color=violet][/color]

You do need to take breaks; when you knit or play guitar for long periods of time, you overuse the arm muscles and they become very tight along with the tendons that run to the thumb and fingers. Take breaks, stretch your arm muscles and do some massage. There’s a great thread on the knitty board about how to avoid knitting strain and alleviate it once it’s occurred…


I played violin for 12 years and play the guitar and had the same thing happen to me. Suzeeq is right, take breaks and most important, stretch you arm and fingers. It sounds lame but it really does work.