Help- Knitting First Hat!

Hello all!
I am really new to knitting and I am attempting to knit my first hat. I am using circular needles and the pattern indicates I Cast On 88 stitches, then join, then knit in whatever pattern I choose.

My question is… how do I join? I viewed the videos on joining but it looks like it is to join new yarn.


Some people get to one stitch before the end of the row, then swap the last stitch for the first stitch on the circular. I don’t bother. If yu’ve got a hat-sized circular or magic loop, you get to the end of the row and just keep going. There are some fancy ways to hide the beginning and end of stripes and so forth, but if you’re not striping don’t even worry about it.

Remember you’re working in the round, so knitting every stitch will give you a stockinette stitch tube. If you don’t put ribbing on the bottom, it’ll roll, but that’s not a bad thing because it makes the hat stay on almost as well as ribbing. If you want the piece to look like garter stitch, you have to purl every other row.

I bet you’re going to enjoy making hats. They’re one of my favorite things to knit, right up there with fingerless gloves.

What length circ are you using? Are you magic looping or using a 16" or two circular needles?

You know how when you knit flat your stitches are in your left hand and your working yarn is on the left needle? When you knit in the round you must have the working yarn on the right needle so when you start knitting the stitches on left needle it joins them. Is that what you mean?

This link goes to a tutorial for knitting in the round on one 16" circular needle, but the method of having the working yarn on the right needle is the same as all methods. I’m posting so you can see what it looks like to have it on the right.