Help knitting baby pattern

Hi, I’m generally new at knitting but getting more daring. I have 3 questions starting with the easiest 1st.

  1. work 8 rows DEC 1 st at raglan edge in next and foll 4th row. Firstly how do I know which is the raglan edge and do I DEC on row 2 and 6.

  2. purl to the end inc 4 sets evenly across row. How do I do this?

  3. knitting booties. Divide for foot. K 15 turn, next row p8 turn. Work 6 rows in stst. Break off yarn. With rs facing rejoin yarn to instep end of 1st 7 sts pick up and knit 8 sts evenly along side edge, 8 sts across top 8 sts evenly along side edge and knit rem 7 sts (34 sts). I haven’t a clue at all what to do.

Thank you if you are able to help.

Welcome to KnittingHelp and to the world of knitting!
Sounds like you’re looking at some interesting patterns. This all gets easier, one pattern at a time.

  1. The raglan edge is the armhole edge. Usually patterns for cardigan fronts tell you whether youlre working the right or left front (this is right or left as you wear the sweater). For the left front, the raglan edge is at the beginning of a right side or public side row. For the right front, the raglan edge is at the end of a right side row.
    Yes, that’s it exactly, decrease on row 2 and then row 6.

  2. In most cases, this doesn’t have to be exact, just approximately evenly distributed increases (i.e. not all bunched up at one spot).
    Also depends on whether you’re knitting flat or in the round. For flat or back and forth, divide the sts by 5 (one more than the number of increased sts) and increase at those intervals. For 20 stitches, that’s purl 4sts, inc, p4, inc, p4, inc, p4, inc, p4.
    For knitting in the round, just divide by the number of increases.

  3. The pattern details are different but this is the basic idea for the booties. She does this without breaking the yarn but you can follow your pattern.

Here’s a better video for picking up sts.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate this.
Kind regards