Help? knitting alternatives?

Hello -

I’m looking for alternatives to knitting. I’ve developed some inflammation of the tendons in my right hand/thumb/wrist, and really shouldn’t knit to avoid aggravating it.

I’ve tried loom knitting, but I didn’t enjoy it as much, and it didn’t really prevent my pain. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can to to satisfy my need to craft without knitting (my primary craft)? Is crocheting easier on your hands? I’m interested in quilting, but won’t have a machine for a few months.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Crochet maybe?

needle felting? I haven’t done it, but you can make lots of things that look pretty cool and one hand only is used - the motion is also really different from knitting.

I hope your hand gets better soon! It sucks when you can not follow your addiction.

How about textile and yarn collage? just needs scrap fabric and glue built op on curtain (drape?) lining but you can add anything. Maybe exeriement with some air drying clay? Scrapbooking and card making?

Crochet has a different repetitive motion in your hands, and it can be a very nice break from knitting. I find that the two arts work your hands in different ways.

If you’re into fiber arts in general, you might also try quilting, spinning and weaving (my aunt loves the fact she can get physical with her weaving - it is a great way to release frustration), bobbin lace (there are lace groups around the country who can help you get started ), cross-stitch, tatting.

As far as quilting goes, while machine quilting is faster, people made their quilts by hand for centuries. Hand quilting is much slower, but you could start with a wall- or lap-sized quilt so it would go faster.

Nordic Needle also has a bobbin lace kit that could get you started if you want to go that way:

Have you considered a knitting belt?

Latch hook? It’s basically one-handed and doesn’t require much skill in execution. If you aren’t into kits, you can design your own projects and cut your own yarn. If you wore one of those stiff wrist braces it would keep you from abusing your bad hand.

Cross Stitch or needlepoint? Needle punch?