Help knitting a hat in pieces

I am a beginner knitter and I need some help with a project. There are a few different pieces that I work on separately. For example: Once I am done with the first ruffle it says to put the ruffle on a holder. When I go onto the next piece, do I cut the yarn off? I’m just wondering because I feel like I cut yarn off when I’m not supposed to. If no one has any idea what I’m saying, let me know and I’ll try to be clearer.

Do you have a link to the pattern? It helps us help you better when we have more information.

The pattern comes from a book so I don’t have a link. Here is what it says:
large ruffle
CO 32 sts. Do not join.
Row 1: (RS) [knit 7, purl 1] 4 times
Row 2: [k1, p7] 4 times
Row 3: [k5, k2tog, p1] 4 times
Row 4: [k1, p6] 4 times
Etc. for 10 rows. Then I am supposed to put that ruffle onto a holder.

Then it is the small ruffle:
This is pretty much the same pattern as the large ruffle except that it starts with 24 stitches and it is 6 rows long.

THen it says to place large ruffle sts onto a dpn and hold behind small ruffle, with RS of large ruffle facing WS of small ruffle.

Next row: [Work 1 st from left needle tog with 1 st from dpn in patt] 16 times
Next row: [k1, p3] 4 times.

From there I continue to make the band until it is 20 1/4 " long. I’m wondering if I cut off the yarn between the large ruffle and the small ruffle.

Please help if you can =)

You’ll be knitting the 2 together, so probably cut the yarn from one of them and use the yarn from the other to knit them together.

Thank you!