Help- Knit One in the Back Loop in the Round

Hi, I’m new to KnittingHelp. I joined in hopes that someone could help me with a major problem I have. I’m knitting my boyfriend a pair of mittens for Christmas and I’m using a pattern called Sourwood Mountain Mittens. I have made it most of the way through the hand three times now and had to undo it every time. This is because the pattern says to k1tbl (while knitting in the round on DPNs) to make a stark line to imitate the stalk of a flower. However, when I do it, the like shows up on the inside of the glove instead of the outside. Am I knitting in the round wrong or do k1tbl’s differ when done in the round? Please help, I can’t figure out what to do. I need to finish these very soon and I can’t contact the few people who have made these or the author for some reason.


Welcome to the forum!
Are you knitting on the outside of the tube formed by the dpns? When you do this, the working needle is closest to you and the circle of dpns is towards your lap. This way the knit pattern shows up on the outside of the tube.
If you knit with the working needles away from you and the circle of dpns closest to you, you’ll knit on the inside of the tube.
Either one will work but it’s more conventional (and easier to see the pattern) if you work with the working needles closest to you and the pattern on the outside of the tube. There should be nothing different about ktbl on dpns.