Help! Knit It #17 Long fitted cardigan

Hello Knitting friends~

I am searching for someone who has a copy of the Fall 2006 issue.

I have it and I have been working this piece.

My 15 mos old son just ripped my pattern page out (I know, I know, I should be xeroxing and working off of a copy instead of the original) and left a hole in the “Shape Top” instructions. I have bind off 5… And, that is where I am up a creek.

I am just looking for the first 5 lines of this part of the pattern.

I have purchased this magazine/pattern.

Any help?:slight_smile:

It’s a copyright violation to share patterns, even free ones unless the designer says it’s okay. You’ll need to buy the magazine again. I found this a few days ago for another member so it’ll work for you, too. :thumbsup: