socks pattern


I just finished the “Turn Heel” section and am now completely lost.

Says Gusset: pick up and knit… place first marker… work across unworked 18 after working the 8…but after the 8 I have 4 left there. How do I get to the unworked 18??


Way back when you started the heel flap you worked across 18sts and left the other 18sts unworked (36sts cast on).
"[B]Heel Flap[/B]
Work across 16 (18, 20) sts. Leave remaining sts

That’s the 18sts that you’re now going to include in working the sock in the round again. You should finish the heel with [I]12sts[/I] on the needle, pick up 8sts down one side, knit the 18sts you left unworked when you started the heel, pick up 8sts on the other side of the heel flap (46sts). I’m not sure where your 4sts are coming from?
See if this tutorial helps orient you in the sock:

Hey there…I know about those 18 that I left, but I just cannot figure out how to work my way back to them…ugh

Right now you have the 12 heel flap sts on the needle in your right hand. Hanging down from the tip of the needle is the left side of the heel flap. Pick up 8sts all along that side until the base of the heel flap. Now work the 18sts that were in reserve and then go to the beginning of the heel flap on the right side and pick up another 8sts. That should bring you back up to the original 12 heel sts. Place the markers along the way as the pattern suggests.

That makes so much sense now. Thank you so very much. And I pick up the 8 stitches alongside where the slip stitches are???

Yes! The slip sts will make it easier to pick up. You just pick up right through them. Count how many you have so that you’ll know how to space out the 8sts you’re picking up.