HELP! K4. (K1. yo. K1) all in next st. K4

Hello! I’m struggling. I’ve never done this stitch before. The pattern states K4. (K1. yo. K1) all in next st. K4.

I’m confused on the what the parathensis means. Do I just do four knit stitches and then do one K1. yo. K1 and then four knit stitches again?
Or all four for the stitches K1.yo.K4? I’m thrown by the parenthesis and the “all in next st”.

Any help would be great!! Thanks

Hi and welcome!
Knit 4sts, then you should work the k1, yo, and k1 all in the naxt stitch. Finish with a k4. (Uses 9sts)
The k1,yo,k1 goes like this:

Thank you!!