Help! K2tg, yo, K2tg etc complications

I’m still a beginner at knitting, having learned the continental style last year from this site and the helpful videos. Problem: I tried to start the cat’s paw scarf pattern which starts with plain knitting and then has a row of k3, k2tog, yo, k2tog, etc to end of row when you finish with k3. This pattern row is alternated with knit rows.
My problem is that no matter how careful I am, when I knit following the pattern row, I have lost almost half of my stitches and yet have not dropped a stitch along the way. What am I doing wrong when I knit following this type of pattern row that I end up with too few stitches on my needle? I’m about to throw out my knitting needles from frustration but I’m too old and stubborn to quit without a fight! Any help most appreciated.

some times people get confused and do a knit 1 right after the yarn over, thinking it’s part of the yarn over. It’s not. Maybe you’re doing that?

Jsut to double check your row - it is k3, k2tog, yo repeat to the end, end with k3. For every k2tog there should be a yo - that will keep your stitch count even.

Be sure to count your stiches before you do that row and again after you finish that row. It should be the same.

Hey Aires, here is a little video I made for my website which shows how to make an eyelet row…basically knit 2 together, yarn over all the way across the row. You might find it helpful. I also have lots of other knit and crochet videos which you can find from the sidebar on my main page.

Take a look and see if it helps with your problem. Sometimes seeing someone else do it helps you to see what you might be doing wrong. Be sure to update us on your progress!