Help k1p1 ribbing

I’m still kinda new to knitting my ribbing looks horrible and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help

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do you have a digital camera? can you take a picture of it so we can see it? otherwise you will have to tell us what you think is wrong with it…

If you’ve only done a couple of rows, it won’t look very good yet, no
matter how experienced you are. The biggest problem I find with new knitters is that its so easy to forget to put the yarn in the proper position before you switch from knit to purl and back again.

You know you’re doing it correctly if you end up with all the knits on top of the knits, which will look like V’s on top of V’s, and all the purls on top of the purls, which look like bumps.

As you knit, make sure to look at the result of what you did so you get an understanding of what each type of stitch looks like. Don’t worry, you’ll get it.