I’m trying a new baby bootie pattern (Magic Slippers), and it’s crazy. one of the first directions (for the sole) says K1, K1f&B, knit till 3 stitches left, k1f&B, k2.

I assume that it’s a decrease from the original 15 sts to 3…but i cannot figure out what this &amp business means…or the ;B…it’s not another color of yarn as this pattern only calls for 1 strand/color.

Someone please help, these slippers are darling and I really want to try to make them! Thanks in advance!

It looks like a typo to me. I wonder if its supposed to be K1F&B which is usually known as KFB for knit one front and back…an increase. It makes sense to me because you’d be increasing at that point.

that makes a lot of sense, and the thought had occurred to me as well…thanks so much!!

Magic Slippers

Is this your pattern?

Somehow something got mixed up in translation from one program to another. The [I]amp[/I] means ampersand which is of course [I]&[/I] and therefore simply redundant and confusing clutter. My guess. Cute pattern.

The ‘amp;’ is short for ‘ampersand’ which is the name of the & symbol, apparently the page didn’t render it correctly. So it’s just the kfb increase.

oh thanks so much!! so wait, if it’s an increase, why do the stitches decrease from 15 to 3?

sorry and yes that is the pattern!!

They don’t. You just continue till you have 3 stitches left on the left needle then do as it said. If you are just asking, but haven’t tried it give it a try. Most patterns make more sense when you are actually working on it.

Knit across the row until there’s [I]3 sts left on the needle[/I] - the left needle - then you do another increase.