Help, just starting lace scarf!

and the chart says:

k1,k1,yo,ssk,yo,k1, yo,yo,yo,yo…??? it’s the 4 yo’s that get me.

How do I do 4 yarn overs? does it mean yo then knit? or yo then k2tog? or just wrap yarn four times around needle?

four times around the needle. (if it’s written correctly)

I thought that might be it. THANK YOU!

A yo is only wrapping the yarn around the needle. So you would wrap it around 4 times, then go on to the next st.

Be careful on the next row, when you get to the 4 yo’s.
They can be tricky to work if you just started lace knitting…
Either they are worked “p,k,p,k” or “k,p,k,p”, but always slip off the stitch very carefully, not to slip off the entire 4 yo’s. That happened. to me. It’s not funny. So I thought I’d share.

Good luck

This is the pattern:

and this is what I just ripped out (er, I mean: frogged)

20 rows about to be frogged:

BUT I’m not giving up! Will restart as soon as I check if the pattern is in error.

I would check to see if you can find errata on the pattern. The finished object does NOT look like there is a quadruple yo anywhere.

Hmmmm… maybe it’s supposed to be (k1, yo) 4 times? Or k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo.