Help joining a teddy bear :-/

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if someone can help me…
I’ve been knitting a teddy bear for someone’s baby. All has gone (reasonably) well so far as I am fairly new to knitting, and Ive learned all sorts of new things whilst doing this project which has required me to knit all of the body parts separately.

I’ve managed to attach everything, except for the legs! I’ve just got no idea how to make it look right, everytime Ive tried it just looks ridiculous and I’m just not sure how to proceed, I’d really like to get the project finished!! ANy help or advice you could give me would be great :frowning:


I use a overcast stitch or whip stitch to fasten the parts on for something like this, but I can see that it may be hard to get the placement, angle etc. right. Luckily you can do it more than once if needed. Good luck.

I can’t think of any really good advise to give, except look at the picture and try to make it look like that. :shrug:

Look at picture and/or pin the legs onto the body where they look about right. Take a tapestry needle and work into the leg, then into the body, so as to make the stitches seem as invisible as possible (take up a stitch from the leg, then dive into the body a little “into” the part where the leg would be outlined on the body", but not too much, otherwise it’ll look a bit cut off)

I had some of those issues with “sewing on heads, tails, legs” and some other things, and this is the best advice I can give, and one working method for me.