Help Ive gotten a little stuck

Hi all I’ve gotten a little stuck on my pattern. I’m currently knitting an aron cardigan and working on the back there are 8 rows to this. have now reached RAGLAN ARMHOLES which says:

Keeping the pattern correct cast off 4 stitches at the beg of next 2 rows

what does it mean by keep the pattern right do I miss the first 4 stiches of the pattern seen as though they have been cast off?

Please help

Thankyou :aww:

You know what I think ive wrked it out for myself! I cast off according to the stitch, eg. cast off a knit, cast off a purl?

Yes, bind off those sts and skip their part of the pattern. Work the rest of the sts so that the pattern you’ve established continues across the row.

Sure, that’s always a good way to cast off. Also, this part is probably going to hidden in the underarm seam.