Help interpreting knitting pattern

Hi, I’m new to this web site and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out one of my knitting patterns. It is for a cardigan called the heavenly jacket by Oat Couture. My mom and I are making the same jacket and are confused on the instructions.

Here are the instructions at the steps we are stuck on.
Front edge is on the left side when the right side of the knitting faces you.
Side edge is on the right side when the right side of the knitting faces you.

Work short rows 1-24. (We understand how to do the short rows) You start with a right side row and end with a wrong side row. Then it says a few spaces down:

[B]AT THE SAME TIME[/B], begin decreasing 1 st. at side edge every 8th row, 8 times.

The next paragraph says:

When the short rows are completed, maintaining side edge decreases as established, proceed as follows:
[B]Begin Shaping Left Front Edge[/B]
Right side facing, increase 1 st. at front edge every 2 rows, 12 times, then every 3 rows 10 times.

Does this mean you start the decreases during the short rows or after the short rows when you start to do the increases?

For the increases would you do your increase every two rows so that it ends up on a wrong side row every time or would you do the increase every two right side rows? Where would the increases end up if you did the increase every 3 rows like the patterns says?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It does sound like the decs are begun while you’re doing the short rows. Do them only on the seam/side edge, that can be on the RS or the WS row.

The incs will be on the front edge on the RS rows 12 times, then they would have to land on some WS rows for the every 3 rows parts.