Help interpreting directions

The instructions read:
“k3tog and leave on ndl, yo, k same 3 sts tog and drop from ndl”.

I am bit confused on these instructions…starting at the beginning, I got the k3tog. I assume I leave them on the left needle and don’t slip them over to the right needle just yet. I then bring the yarn over the right needle to do the yarn over (while the 3 stitches are still on the left needle). How do I then do the “knit the same 3 stitches together” step to then drop from the needle??


Welll… you just do it. It takes a little twisting of the needles and it helps if you don’t knit tightly.

For your k3tog, your new stitch will be on the right needle, and the original 3 stay on the left needle. You do your YO, the k3tog with the same original 3 sts. Now you drop the 3 off the left needle, with the new stitch on the right needle. So you start with 3 sts and end with 3 sts.

Thanks Wenda, you made it much more clear! Success! :cheering: