Help indentifying defects in knitted product!

Hello guys,

I have just bought a watch cap made of Cashmere today. I inspected it and found a hole in the cap where the pattern changes. It appears to me that this is probably from missing a knot or it is supposed to be that way when they change the pattern.

Could you guys give me some help to check if this is a defect or not? Sorry if I am too picky, but I want everything to be perfect about my gift I’m about to give :(.

These are the pictures:

This is the hole from the outside from a distance:

This is the hole from the outside zoomed in:

These 2 are from the inside:

Please reply my ASAP because the birthday is near and I need this as soon as I can :(. Thank you very very much guys.

It looks to me like an accidental yarn over on a row of k2togs. Can you take it back and show the vendor the mistake? If not, you could probably close the hole with a single sewing stitch in the same color thread.

Since you bought it I’d suggest returning it. Hand knit items are usually not perfect, but we usually have the option to reknit or fix with matching yarn. You don’t and purchased items should not have big flaws.

Thank you so much! I already contacted the store. They seem to be pretty surprised because of this. An exchange is on the way. The hole is really small though, I’m just too picky :(.

No you’re not being too picky. You’re right to ask for an exchange and the store certainly seems willing to oblige.