Help - Increasing Stitches

I am knitting sleeves for a cardigan and have got stuck with the following instructions:

1st - Knit
2nd - purl
3rd - K1, M1, K2tog, yfwd, *K2, K2tog, yfwd, rep from * to last 2 sts, K1, M1, K1. (31 STICHES)
4th - purl
5th - knit
6th - purl
7th - K2tog, yfwd, K2, rep from to last 3sts, K2tog, yfwd, K1
8th - purl

1st to 8th sets pattern

Im fine with all that.

However then it goes onto this:

Keeping continuity of pattern as set (throughout) work 13 rows inc 1 st [B]as before[/B] at each end of 1st and every following 6th row, working increased sts in patt. (37 stitches)

this is where im confused because if i follow this i end up with 41 stitches at the end.

It also says ‘as before’ in bold print but i dont know which as before this refers to.

should i be ignoring the M1 in row 3 when continuing and just increasing the stitches at either end on the 1st 6th ans 13th row?

Hope someone can help make more sense of this than i seem to be…i am 28 weeks pregnant so maybe its my brain confusing matters.

Thank you

As I interpret it…

Row 3 and 7 should always be done as written so as to keep the pattern.

Whenever you need to do an additional increase (1st, 7th and 13th rows of the next 13) you need to inc 1 st on each end of the rows AS BEFORE. Assuming there were no other directions for increases elsewhere in the pattern I think you should either be doing the K1, M1, K2tog, yfwd (start of row) and the k1, m1, k1 (end of row) as in row 3 or simply a K1, M1, K1 on either end of the increase rows. My preference would be the later, but witout seing the pattern I’m nor sure if you want/need that extra Yfwd on those rows.

Great thank you i shall give it a try.

Do the increases on the 1st and following 6th rows and you’ll be increasing on pattern rows 1, 7 (first pattern repeat) and 5 (second pattern repeat). That will take you to 37sts in 13 rows assuming you leave out the increase on row 3. The only change is in which row the M1 occurs.

I did as you both said and it has done the trick. Thank you so much for the advise

Terrific! We’d love to see the cardigan when you finish if you’d like to post a photo.