HELP...increase sts on adjusted pattern

Hello friends,

After knitting a gauge swatch(so proud of myself), I realized I had to adjust the amount of stitches to cast on(i’m knitting with chunky instead of the worsted the pattern calls for). The pattern says to cast on 81 sts then increase to 90.

Rounds 1-6: *K3, p1, k3, p2; rep from *. Round 7: *K3, p1, k3, p1, m1p, p1; rep from * –90 sts[/COLOR].

I’ve cast on 64 sts but I don’t how much to increase by. Im really suckie at math. I would like to know how to figure/count how many increase stitches to increase by when adjusting a pattern— there are lots of cables involved and nobody likes misplaced cables:(

I also tried to subtract the pattern’s original increase by the amount of cast on stitches to see if I can use it for my adjustment. It was an epic fail. Please help me.:slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

90 sts are 1/10 more than 81, so you could go with 6 more and inc to 70 sts. How are you getting the pattern to work with 64 sts though? The repeat is 9 sts so 63 fits that better. And since you do the incs inside the repeat and there are 7 of them, then you’d actually inc 7. And that still ends up with 70 sts.

opps I meant to say that i cast on 64 then I p2tog at the end of the row to end up with 63.

Thank you madame.

Okay, well just follow the pattern, add the new st in as written, you’ll just be doing it 7 times instead of 9.

I tried it and it didn’t work out. here is the cable pattern

[COLOR=“Red”]CFP4/3: Slip next 4 sts to cable needle(cn) and hold in front, k3, slip last purl st on cn back to left needle, purl this st, k3 from cn[/COLOR]

I tried to do the cable and it didnt turnout well…im not giving up. What if I casted on 75 sts?

What else is in the row with the CFP4/3? You should be okay with the sts you’ve got, there should be a number divisible by 10 because that’s what the incs add up to.

I agree with what Sue says. It should work, because you haven’t changed anything but the number of repeats you have. The pattern stitch should be the same as it was, just 2 less of them.

i think that 63 is too small to make the hat. I would like to cast on a higher number.

here is what the actual pattern says after the increase.

Round 8: *CFP4/3, p3; rep from *.
Rounds 9-17: *K3, p1, k3, p3; rep from *.
Round 18: *CFP4/3, p3; rep from *.
Rounds 19-28: Repeat rounds 9-18.[/COLOR]

Right, I though there was another 3 sts in the repeat for Rnd 8 to make it come out to 10 sts. But you can’t just pick any old number, the beginning needs a multiple of 9, so CO 72 sts and see if that’s large enough. Then you do the increases as written and you come out to 80 sts.

Thank you so much for your patience.