Help in getting started with pattern

Making a shawl. New at knitting and increases. Pattern says to CO 2 sts. Work 200 rows is St st and at the same time increase 1 st at each side on every row. I am to use a k-f/b or yo. So does that mean I need to do a p-f/b on the purl rows? Also for the first row do I do two k-f/b or should I knit the two stitches .

I think you should do a yo…but it would leave a line of holes, you can use whatever increase you want…but on the first 2 stitches i would kfb 2ce.

your increasing 2 sts EVERY row? wow thats gonna be wide…

you have a link to the pattern?

No it’s an increase once per row. Like the grandmothers favorite dishcloth pattern.

I just look a grandma’s fav. dishcloth. So I do a yarn over on my purl rows?

The holes would be fine. I could always add my fringe where a hole is. I do not have a link because it is out of a book. Greetings form Knit Cafe. So I would CO2 k yo yo K…just not sure how to begin. Thanks for the help

Yep, yo on the purl row. P1 (or 2 or 3) bring yarn over the top of the needle to the back then between the tips to the front again and purl the next stitch. There’s now a YO between the sts.