Help! Im stuck

How do you decrease on a k1p1 ribbing row. I have 57 stitches and the pattern is asking me to decrease 13 stitches evenly along last row. I tried knitting two stitches together to decrease but it doesnt look very nice. Please help.

I’m not really sure, but here’s a thought: rib 4 stitches, then k2tog and then p2tog, then knit again 4 stitches and decrease again. Make the decrease 13 times. What I find strange is that you have 57 sts in ribbing row, usually it’s supposed to be an even number of sts, since ribbing is a stitch of pairs.

Thankyou so much for such a quick reply. Im new to this internet stuff so Im not really sure if Im doing this right. I love the picture of your dog. I have three of my own Two yellow labs and a cairn terrier. Thanks again

You might also do 2 decreases right beside each other (so k1p1k1p1 becomes k1p1), but decide whether you like the look for yourself. I know it says evenly across row but to maintain the pattern this might be better, and I don’t think 2 at a time that far apart will cause big problems.
Or, just do as specified? Is it really going to look awful if you have two knit columns beside each other for a few rows?