HELP! I'm stuck

Pattern says: *K1, k1 in next st in row below, rep from * to last 2 sts, k2

Essentially does this mean I am increasing on stich every other stich? I’m not sure what I’m doing and nothing looks right. Please advise

No, you’ll be doing a knit 1 below. See the glossary, but you stick the right needle into the st below the one on your left needle, wrap the yarn around it and pull it through. Then drop both sts off the left needle.

that would be great is there was a glossery, but there isn’t and when I do what you say I end up with a big loop at the back, or two stiches on the right needle instead of one. I need more help

There is a tab for the Glossary at the top of the page. See if that helps.

here is a website with pictures of knitting into the stitch below. Scroll down it is in the middle of the page.

I’m sorry to confuse you, I meant the Glossary here at the top of the page, not on the pattern.


Did you get this figured out? To knit in the row below you stick your right needle tip into the center of the stitch right below the one on the needle and yarn around and knit from there. Then as you slide that stitch off the needle you also slide the one that you would have normally knit into (the one right above the one you knitted into) off the needle at the same time. So you don’t gain any stitches. It will make a loop like you said, but if you pull on the work a little that loop will go into place and everything will be right.

It also evens out after a few rows too. The first row is the worst.

There was no glossary for this pattern (I searched front to cover-magazine). However there was a fig A that was not much help. It showed where to insert the right needle but no instructions after that. Suzeeq really helped the most by her posting above. Thanks to all of you for you help and support. The dress is now 1/2 way finished. Keep posting!