Help Im stuck!

I am knitting a pinwheel blanket for my baby nephew and I am stuck the next set of directions they are as follows: Repeat rows 1-12 twice more working 3 sts fewer each right side as established. ??? Does this mean I subtract 3 sts on each right side row? and if that is the case what if row one only has you knit to the last 3 and SFB? Am I confusing anyone with this …please help , I hate stopping when I feel like im on a roll…

I think what they’re saying is to work rows 1-12 twice more AND this will give you decreases as you’ve been doing. You don’t have to do anything special, they’re just telling you that the result will be that you decrease 3 each right-side row–a way of keeping track.

If you don’t think this is it, please feel free to type in a right side row so we can help further, if necessary.

ok that sounds reasonable…ill go with it …this is the oat couture pinwheel and its different from others i have seen its worked in short rows not in the round! UGH ! its always an adventure isnt it!

thank you so much