Help, I'm stuck on the hood drawstring pouch :(

Hello all! This pattern calls for:

CO 64 stitches.
Knit 10 rows in stockinette, starting with a knit row.

To create pouch for drawstring:
With Purl side still facing, pick up 64 stitches from bottom right hand corner of cast on edge.

Turn work, and hold both needles together with live stitches in front. Knit stitches from both needles
together across the row.

I cannot figure out how to pick up the 64 STS, no matter how I hold the work or turn it, this part does not make any sense. Any help here would be appreciated! Thanks a ton!


A pattern name and link would be helpful.

Picking up stitches video here …scroll down-

Here’s another one that shows how to pick up from cast on edge if the other video doesn’t.

Basically you’ll be picking up the same number of stitches you cast on…so one for each row or stitch. Pick up with another needle and then you’ll holding both needles together and taking a third needle and then slipping your needle in one stitch from each needle in the same way you knit and knitting those two together.

Oh my… okay we aren’t supposed to post whole patterns because it’s considered copyright infringement. Even free patterns can’t be posted. Next time just link to the pattern don’t post the whole thing. I’ll l have to delete this, but I found a link so we can see the picture.

The information I gave about picking up stitches should work fine. And joining to make the pocket should be fine as well. If my instructions aren’t enough can you explain a bit more?

This project has made it easier to see by using contrasting yarn and waste yarn for the cast on but the idea is close to your hem. I like to pick up all the sts first on a spare needle so that I know I’ll have the same number as are on the working needle and I won’t skew sts

Oh, I’m sorry I was not aware of copyright information…but now I know and won’t do it again! I was able to figure it out based off your help, so thank you very much! I appreciate knowing that I can always come here for knitting support.

With gratitude,

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