Help--I'm stuck! (baby socks pattern)

Here’s a link to the pattern

I’ve done the ribbing but am stuck on starting the heel flap. I don’t understand how to purl across on the WS since the working yarn is on the left side of the 12 stitches (needle #1). Should I knit across those 12 stitches first, then turn the work and purl across for the first heel flap row?

Also, when I slip that first stitch, I assume it should be purl-wise?

Maybe this is common sock-knitting knowledge?? I’ve never made socks before! :oo:

Thanks for any help–I’m trying to get these done QUICKLY for a friend’s new baby.

Yes work across the stitches in K and then turn and work wrong side in purl. Yes slip 1st stitch purlwise and when working right side sl1, k1 also slip purlwise with yarn in back as if to knit.


You are very welcome. We have all been there at one time or another.