Help i'm stuck again

i’m doing a class and have some homework to do.

the pattern says to sc in first dc and in next ch-2 sp,

i get upto the sp part, what does sp mean please?

i’ve googled it and am now more confused than before

ok, i found crochetville and descovered it means space, now stuck all over again.

OK it says ch1, turn, sc in first dc, and then in next ch-2 sp, ch2

im confused. i did it earlier in the class and got it but now i’ve confused myself

help please

It means sc in the top of the dc, then ch 2 when you get to the next ch2 space in the row below, don’t make a st in it.

It means to sc in top of first dc, then sc around ch-2 loop, then ch 2.

I’d go with your explanation, it’s been a while since I read crochet patterns and that sounds more right than mine.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]End of the row you chain 1 and turn your work, you single crochet in the double crochet on the previous row, then you single crochet in the next chain-2 space in the chain-2 space you made in the previous row, then just chain-2.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#800080]Hope this helps.[/COLOR][/FONT]