Help...I'm knitting a thumb on a mitten

I’m new to this so I’m having a problem with the thumb on a mitten. I’ve checked out the video on picking up stitches and I’ve already knit a round after distributing the stitches on DPNs. However, the new rows on the thumb are coming out as garter stitches rather than stockinette stitches.:frowning: What am I doing wrong?


You’re knitting the thumb inside out, though you’re just seeing the purl side of the knit sts, it’s not garter stitch. When you picked up the sts you did it on the far side of the hole and you’re continuing to knit with the needle tips away from you. Rip out the sts and pick up on the side of the thumbhole closest to you, as if you were taking a drink from a cup.

You’re supposed to be knitting this from right to left. Another thing you might be doing is purling instead of knitting. Knitting in the round automatically gives you a stockinette stitch. But if you knit one row and purl one row in the round, you will get a garter. I suspect this may be what you’re doing.

I think she’s knitting inside out. Many new knitters think they’re getting ‘garter’ stitch when they see the purl side because they’re accustomed to seen the purl bumps when they do knit garter st.

Also, when doing Stockinette in the round, you don’t knit one round and purl the next, you knit every round. Just in case…

I messed myself up and gave myself fits when I first tried something in the round because I overlooked that little detail.

I did the same thing… this is what I did and it may be what you did too… I set the mitten down and when I picked it back up I had my working yarn going in the wrong direction (hand). I continental knit so my yarn needed to be coming from my right hand across to my left hand… left hand holding the working yarn… instead I kept the working yarn on the left hand side and didn’t cross it over to that side… does that make sense?? just pick it out and turn your work and you will fix the problem…or make it a design choice. :wink: I was thrilled with my mistake because I was teaching myself to use DPN’s and when I figured out my mistake I knew not to do that with my socks…