Help I'm having trouble with a term

Hello everyone I am new to this site, and I hope one of you lovely people can help me!
I am knitting a jumper from an American mag. and I am stuck on a term. I have tried and tried to work it out and just can’t!
I am up to the back neck and I have to…
Knit to last 6 stitches wrap next stitch turn.
What actually is a wrap and what is its function? It is explained in the glossary but I just don’t get it!
Can someone please help me, I am going crazy with frustration.

When you have to turn your work before coming to the end, wrapping the next stitch helps prevent a hole.

Go to the top of this page & select “View Videos”. Select the advanced techniques & scroll down to “Short Row with Wrap”. The video will help.

Have fun!

There’s also an article on how to wrap and turn here - Short rows at knitty