Help I'm confused

Ok working on said hat, which is going ok. Started to run out of yarn so over to micheals I went to get more. Bought the wrong color of blue (go figure) since I didn’t take a swatch of it or my knitting with me and I’ve long since lost the lable for the yarn. So nearly $30 later I picked up some purple washable chenilla (spelled wrong I’m sure), I’m trying to knit some squares for a patchwork styled baby blanket since I’m expecting my second child a girl, so heres the troubles.
1.) Do I return the yarn and hope I find the right shade of blue or do I completely frog it and start over on the new yarn or just have a two tone hat?
2.) I’ve tryed a dish cloth pattern for the squares but they don’t seem to look right with the chuncky yarn? suggestions?

theres the dish cloth pattern I’ve been trying to tweek for a patchwork blanket

Hi there!

I would probably either:

A) Start the hat over making sure I had enough yardage for it


B) Make a two tone hat with a starkly contrasting color

And, I would take the wrong color back. You might as well spent the 30 bucks on the exact right thing.

I haven’t made much in the way of dishcloths but I would think chenille may be too heavy. You would want a dishcloth to dry quickly after use.

Congrat on the new babe!

I agree with Bambi on the hat. I wouldn’t spend that much on yarn I didn’t really like.

On the baby blanket, you can make squares. But you will have alot of edges to seam later. An other idea is to do a blanket pattern in basketweave. Which gives the look of squares, but is worked in one piece. Here is a sample down toward the bottom of the page on this link.

Love that hat pattern…it was my first hat!

If the colors of yarn you have for the hat look good together, go for the two colors in your hat. You can just start with the new color if there’s enough contrast to look like you meant it to be half one color and half the other.

Or you can frog and knit a couple of rows in one color and a couple in the other, if they’d “blend” in that way.

But if you’re not going to love the hat, I’d go for getting enough yardage in the color you want.

If you’re going to return the yarn, of course, don’t use it! :slight_smile:

the 30 I spent I should have been more clear was on like 5 spolls of yarn finished up the hat tonight makes me look really stupid but I did finish it so at least the hat is done looks alright but looks BAD on me. lol guess I’ll gift it or keep it for winter