Help, I'm about to finish a Lady Eleanor wrap

and I’ve never done much blocking. If I block it, how much longer will it grow to be? (I’m using Patons SWS) I’m trying to decide whether to continue knitting and make it a little longer, or if after blocking, whether it may be too long. Any input appreciated!

You could block what you have now and compare before and after measurements…

The thought of that scares me LOL. Block it before it’s finished???

Sure, I’ve heard of it. Either leave it on a circular needle, or move it to waste yarn… probably leave it on the needle. And block the rest of it, maybe not the inch or so just below the needle.

Call me chicken…

Bawk, bawk, bawk LOL

Me too. I’ve never really blocked anything. Mostly because it’s all been acrylic. There’s a couple scarves I ought to block, one of them in entrelac, but leaving them on a chair or sofa back where the cats can sit on them flattens them out nicely…

Hmmm…cat blocking, two housecats and four porch cats, perhaps I should give that method further thought LOL.

This is just one of the biggest projects I’ve (nearly) completed and I guess I’m gun shy! (and chicken ;))

I made a Danica entrelac scarf out of SWS, and it grew a lot. Like way more than one foot, closer to two. From about 5 feet to about 6 1/2ish. So, if you’re close to the length you want, I’d stop.

This is just under 4 skeins of SWS in the danica pattern (the rest was used to add the Lady Eleanor fringe.) It is 72 inches long I think (it may even be longer. I don’t remember how long that board it is on actually is) and 8 inches wide. It grows a LOT, especially in the entrelac pattern because you do flatten it out some.
From this:

To This:

I think it may be time for me to stop LOL

wow that scarf is PRETTY!!

Beautiful!! I love the changing colors, it is really, really pretty!

lol thanks. That one is my mom’s and was my least favorite to do. I am not a blue/brown fan so that one was reeeally boring for me. The pink colorways showed up the best I think. The cool thing is that SWS basically does the work all by itself in the color changes.

Thank you all for your input…and brendajos…the scarf is GORGEOUS!

Wow It sure is pretty!!!