HELP! I'm a newbie!

SO, I’ve been trying to learn how to knit for about two weeks. I will cast on ( I have tried several methods) but when I do my first knit stitch row, a long string will form between it. I have tried everything to stop it from doing this, but nothing works. I also have issues with the slip knot. when I am on it after I have knit stitched the other cast on rows, my yarn gets stuck. I am a self taught left handed crocheter, but I am going to knit right handed. I would LOVE a very slow video explaining everything! The cast on and the entire first row knit stitched. I could also use some tips for newbies. Anything will help, but I learn better by video. Thank you for any help you can give me!!!

Use a different cast on. You used the backward loop one which is easy, but leaves those long loops between the sts unless you know how to knit into them, and as a beginner you don’t. The knit or Cable CO are easy, similar to the knit stitch, the Long Tail CO uses the same thumb loop but if you use the 2 handed version you ‘knit’ into that loop from the beginning and slip it off the needle. You don’t have to use a slip knot with any of them - check the Cast ons page for videos for all of these.

You could also take a look at the video Demo of a Small Project which may help put several techniques together. Welcome to KH and to knitting!

I definitely recommend the long tail cast on method. In my opinion is much easier to knit from. I also don’t know what method you are using but since you learned to crochet first I recommend learning the continental method. The english method can be easier but once you have it down continental is much faster. I learned to knit first but since you already know how to crochet I imagine you will pick it up much faster than I did. My cousin taught me to knit and I know I would never have figured it out with out her. I give you two thumbs up. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Knitting Help!

I agree with the rest in not using backward loop cast on. It’s really only good for casting on a few stitches. Do watch the videos linked at the the top of the page. Here’s a few more that may help in addition to these. When I was learning I found that sometimes it helped if I watched or read a couple explanations for the same thing. :thumbsup:

I was a crocheter first and I still found English method easier. One method is not better than the other, they are just two ways to get the same thing. Do what works for you.

Is the knitted cast on a good cast on to start with? It seems simple.
P.S. My first project is a dish cloth 25 cast on and 25 knit stitch rows.

Knitted cast is is a very good cast on to use. It produces a nice edge. If you don’t tug on it too tightly, it’s easy to knit into for the next row. And, since it’s like the knit stitch, it’s pretty readily learned. Great idea!

Thanks for the tips everyone! I can now successfully do the knit stitch cast on, the knitted cast on, and I can knit stitch on them! That is a huge improvement from yesterday. If anyone has other simple project ideas, I would love to here!

If you like the dishcloth you can experiment with other patterns to learn more stitches. There are other things that aren’t difficult, too. Here’s a link for more dishcloths if you’re interested.

My favourite dish cloth is the diagonal dish cloth! They are so awesome, everytime I make them everyone loves them. It will also teach you how to increase and decrease. Once you master the garter stitch come back and I’ll give you a pattern for the diagonal.